First impressions and appearances are everything. This principle goes for both online interactions and face to face meetings with prospective clients, colleagues, and business partners. You shouldn’t have to force yourself into a box to perform your responsibilities. Rather, you should identify your own professional sense of style and hone it to make a great impression. Being able to express your individuality and professionalism through style can give you a significant confidence boost, while building strong impressions with those around you.

Quality Clothing

Some people shell out thousands of dollars for brand name clothing and accessories, only to have these items fall apart on them after just a few weeks. Others try to save money by purchasing work clothes from bargain bins, only to replace apparel several times throughout the year. Before you get out the credit card and replenish your wardrobe, start looking for brands that are distinguished for both their flair and their durability. Unlike suits or dresses worn on special occasions, your professional attire needs to survive daily wear.

Routine Upkeep

You might invest in a snazzy new business outfit, but neglect to wash it properly. Carefully inspect the washer and dryer instructions, and don’t be tempted to step outside of these boundaries. Your brand new work shirt could shrink in the dryer, or leaking dye could stain those linen slacks. Don’t be afraid to ask the sales associate for additional information, if you don’t completely understand the fabric care instructions. Ironing also plays a role in the upkeep of your clothing. New duds won’t make an effective impression if they are wrinkled at your next business meeting. Invest in a good iron and ironing board to relax fabric before shifts, meetings, and special events.

Skin Care

Personal hygiene plays a major role in your quest for head-turning style. Cleanse your way to younger looking skin with high quality soap and toner. This can prevent the buildup of sweat and oil on your skin, which leads to blemishes. If you live in a dry location, don’t forget to also invest in a gentle lotion to replenish facial moisture.

Ace that job interview, client meeting, or business presentation by getting your style in order. Search for high quality and comfortable clothing brands. Don’t forget to prioritize skin care, because this can make an impact on your overall mood and professional look.

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Originally posted on June 10, 2014 @ 5:13 pm


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