While there are some businesses you can launch with limited funds, there is always something you need money for when it comes to a small business. If you want to create a successful small business you’ll need money to put into advertising, creating a website, and even for buying other marketing materials, like business cards.

No business starts making money immediately at launch, so you need to have some money on hand if you want to turn your business into something that is making money. Here are some ways to get your hands on some starting cash for your startup small business.

Credit Cards

Having a credit card that is specifically for your business is a great idea, and it allows you to not only build credit for your business but also helps you keep your business funds separate from your personal funds right from the start. Credit cards don’t usually give you a huge sum of money, but it’s often enough to work with when it comes to needing a new computer or printer, or keeping gas in the company vehicle when you’re on the road.

Small Business And Personal Loans

You may want to consider getting a small business loan if you need more money than you can get from a credit card. If you’re starting your business out as just you as the sole proprietor and not getting an LLC, you may want to get a personal loan at first. There may be stipulations when it comes to getting a business loan that you can’t get (talk to your loan institute).

Crowdfunding And Fundraisers

These days it seems like the most popular way to get the money you need for anything is to try crowdfunding. This online form of fundraising lets you offer rewards (or not) to people for donating to your cause. Many businesses have gotten the money they need to launch through crowdfunding.

The key is to find a crowdfunding site that caters to businesses, as opposed to individuals, and to share your campaign with as many people as possible. The more people that see it the more chances you have of being successfully funded.


You also want to start making income for your business as soon as you can. It can be useful to have products available before you even launch. If you’re starting a service you need to have some of your services available right away.

Don’t launch your book company if you don’t have any books ready to sell. If you are launching a dating service that will help people find their perfect match, you wouldn’t want to launch and start paying matchmakers if you don’t have clients ready to give you some money.

If you want business success you need to be funded and be ready to bring in money too!

Originally posted on April 12, 2017 @ 4:01 pm

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