Peak and lean seasons for any company operation is only natural. There will come a point wherein prior planning with regards to annual budgets and activities will be discussed initially to forecast and analyze as to how a company should approach the outlook for the coming years. All departments ranging from accounting and finance, marketing, business development and research, administration, human resources, and logistics, are expected to brainstorm and create the necessary requirements and milestones that each section shall contribute to the entire cause, a generalization of which shall be deliberated upon by the management committee with regards to the feasibility of such forecasts.


Full Season MarketingIdeally, not all suggestions made by all sections shall be immediately approved. Supporting studies and commendations with regards to the activities that will be beneficial to the entire strategic management and direction that the company is expected to head towards to. Overall, the end result and product of the company will be fully realized if the effectiveness of such can be deemed as realistic or simply for making figures and corporate performance look appealing and good.


Some sections may feel being overlooked if some of their suggestions are not given the opportunity to be taken up. Such scenarios are only natural since most organizations can only accommodate so much due to budgetary constraints and the time period allocated by the company itself. With the limited time and available resources that an organization may have, trying to take on all the recommended approaches and strategies for the good of the company as a whole.

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Originally posted on September 13, 2006 @ 10:42 pm


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