One of the hardest things to do is to put everything in perspective. Starting from a small venture, the obvious battle cry is to make it a foundation towards a big empire to which investors can sit back and show a wide grin on their faces. Who wouldn’t be? Well considering the fact that they carefully select a bunch of people who do the work, strategically making executive decisions and aim high to prove their worth, they have one heck of a management team working under them. It is not really plainly making the company grow, but more on growing through the company. Using the experience as a training ground and as an added color to their individual resumes, they are after making an impression to get into the big leagues and hold key positions in companies that have established their name and reputation and of course get the due recognition and compensation that most employees long for.

Business SuccessFor the wiser businesses, they put such talented people on contracts. This is to ensure that they will continue to render the same kind of service for years to come. It is not totally about being used, but a strategy on keeping key personnel responsible for corporate success. Also, they are given fat paychecks during their tenure, something that will pose as a hindrance for other companies planning to pirate them. Piracy of employees is a common practice, but what you cannot price you cannot pirate.

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Originally posted on September 25, 2006 @ 10:11 am


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