“It seems axiomatic that you have to make a friend before you can effectively make him a proposition.� (Leo Burnett)

Before a business proposition can leave its feet, prior background checks should be done so that a person can assess what to expect prior to the actual meeting. Such a phrase can be similar to that of a soldier going off to war with the proper arms and ammunition so as not to be pulverized by enemy lines. Logistics and survey of the field is imminent and such can help ease the prospect of failing to close in, and move it a step towards the right direction.

In business, the audience that are present will be composed of various people with varying attitude and behaviors. This is common, especially when presenting a certain product or proposition with the intent of attracting their interest. Playing the psychological mind games will have respective reactions, and the stimulus for such may become positive or negative. It can be expected at some point however that such experiences will be a deciding factor, especially in trying to figure out how to actually handle such confrontations, and the entire personality of the presenting group shall be put towards the test. On whether they would be able to grow and mature from it, will entirely depend on how they grasp the entire situation before them.

Originally posted on June 29, 2006 @ 11:58 pm


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