Employee ConflictCorporate employees would often encounter some issues with regards to overall camaraderie with other people from similar and interconnected departments. Ideally, issues and conflicts in the personal level are only natural to be experienced. However, it cannot also be discounted that some people would treat these instances in another way, often being referred to as taking it as a personal vendetta of sorts. Clear victims of this are the upper level workers like supervisors and managers. No matter how hard delegated personnel would try to enforce departmental policies and procedures, subordinate workers would often consider this as an act of getting even or for some, power tripping employees.

Such scenarios are only normal today. A key aspect here is the lack of experience or the mental upbringing of most laborers. The false apprehension of such treatment tends to lead towards rocky employee relationships, the ultimate loser in the end of which is the organization itself. Failure to create a harmonious working atmosphere among working peers and producing the expected output will ignite inconsistencies and finger pointing inside the ranks, something that will bring down the operation rather than upholding tradition for the set bar with regards to quality of service and all. Human resources personnel is the critical department that needs to ensure that the proper fit of needed personnel can get along with the existing crop, most especially the talented workforce on board. Foreseen conflicts should immediately be cited, to ensure that all departments in an organization will surely achieve its mission and goals that it continuously preaches.

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Originally posted on October 4, 2006 @ 2:26 am


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