So your online business is doing ok. Your brick-and-mortar business of course is driving all of the sales, and the site is merely an online advertisement and you’re lucky to get one or two online sales a month. That’s a huge waste of time, you know. You can do so much more with your website and your not even utilizing your site’s potential to the hilt.

You can try promoting your products on social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, all while placing a link to your website for online sales. It doesn’t hurt if you have an online checkout/shopping cart solution in place already. Submit your site to an Australia Business Directory as well, that will work wonders if your site’s located in Australia. If you’re somewhere else, it goes without saying that you just need to look for your location’s business directory.

The problem may also be because your possible customers may be having a hard time to find your site online. Have you tried googling for your product? Did your site land in the first page of results? Then a bit of search engine optimization may be needed. It’s expensive, it will take a lot of time before you see results, but yes, it works and has great results in the long term.

Your website isn’t something you just create and put on the web and just expect people to come and visit it. It needs to be constantly tweaked and updated and promoted for you to maximize it.

Originally posted on November 28, 2010 @ 3:41 am

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