Healthcare, an obviously growing market to which a large chunk of income is expected to pass through has been tagged as the area to which proper taxation should be imposed. The US government has been busy catering towards the current tax issues on various fields that it has totally forgotten about other areas that can help in financing it budget issues, most of which have been garnering insights with regards to budget issues for tax reforms to date.

No Health Insurance?

As always, the frontrunner in pursuing this is no one else but President George Bush, who is totally aware that health insurance and coverage are becoming popular locally. Health has been given a lot of importance to date with people becoming more aware of its role in the life of any person, both young and old.

Health insurance is only normal since the rising cost in the medical field is a need to keep people healthy. However, it should be noted that people will have to be properly educated that taxes corresponding to such a source is helpful not only for the government but in funding affected areas that a country has to attend to as well.

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Originally posted on February 25, 2007 @ 11:41 pm

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