By now, it is no secret that the issue regarding the nuclear testing made by North Korea has been headlining all news and blogs over the web. A cause for alarm, the attention that this has been getting was initially from the ongoing crisis in Iraq and other war stricken countries for years. It has also been linked to such Asian countries namely Japan, possible an aftermath from its famous participation in the previous World Wars, the atomic bomb from which has grown famous for.

Now another on the rise power that has drawn various reactions and condemnation from various countries that largely comprise the United Nations, the world is now on its feet as to why such testing was done and the purpose for which it was made public. North Korea is not keeping this a secret and this can be seen from the various news flashes that the world has been focusing on, why North Korea has done such a test. While this event may be deemed a political and power hungry effort, its effect on the economies today cannot be discounted.

The possibility of a nuclear holocaust looms, something that everyone fears today. Its adverse effects on the lives of the living beings will surely be something that may change lives, for the worse. Panic is an understatement as the whole world and countries are sure to be gearing up for defensive measures for such cases where the offensive of eventual instability of peace, order and existence by North Korea may just be around the corner.

Could it be that this was the predictions made by Nostradamus with regards to a new power that will wreak havoc to world peace? At this moment in time, it is really early to tell. But with regards to the purpose for such testing and making it known to the world, all countries are baffled by it. Tactical strategies and safekeeping are surely being mapped out as of this writing. Add this to the forever yearning problems that the world faces with regards to everyday living and safekeeping to cope up with the demanding challenges of everyday life; this is surely something that is not needed at these times of need. As far as condemning such acts, despite a little voice to be heard at the back of protesting nations, I too condemn such acts from power hungry people who are up to no good.


Originally posted on October 10, 2006 @ 9:31 am

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