Just when everyone thought that the nuclear issue with North Korea had already been settled, the Nokors have now threatened to continue nuclear activities if the $25 million frozen at the Macau bank are not released soon. The said money was connected with regards to the money laundering issue conducted by the US Treasury Department at the Banco Delta Asia.

North Korea Nuke Money Laundering Issue
Although a part of the frozen funds have been released, North Korea’s President Kim Kye Gwan said Pyongyang was expecting all the funds to be released last February 13 upon an agreement to which they would close down all nuclear facilities that has become a widespread issue to the world today.

In this regard, North Korea has again emphasized that it shall not put a halt the nuclear activities until all the frozen funds have been cleared and released. Although nothing has been officially ironed out, chief American negotiator Christopher Hill strongly believes that the BDA issue will be settled soon and officially end the impending issue regarding this nuclear dilemma made popular today.

Originally posted on October 17, 2014 @ 6:06 pm

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