People would often consider money as the best gauge for their services rendered. While some may have objections, making cash advances from their usual pay check will naturally be deducted.

It is just funny how some employees would think they could get one over management, forever making advances, even if it is just a penny. Once payday comes, complaints over their deductions ensue, something I had a share of the other day. My recourse? Well, I talked to them, and explained to them as sane as possible. I was ready to expect the worst if negotiations for the understanding of everything were not to be settled. Besides, people who have this kind of behavior are no longer happy with their job and it is for the best interest to part ways professionally.

Well, must as it was hard for me to say no, I had to put my foot down and put a stop on this. They may not have the same salary I may be receiving but to let them know that this practice will not be tolerated and to finally uphold the level or professionalism I was hired to do will stand. As to how long they can keep this up, well, that is something I guess only they can answer.

Originally posted on April 4, 2006 @ 12:05 pm


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