You’ve found your dream job and you’re moving on. You don’t need to care about the job you’re leaving behind, right? Actually, you should care about your old boss and your old job for several reasons:

* You may need a reference in the future.
* You may find out that you don’t like your new job and you want to go back to your old job. (I know it seems impossible, but you never know how the new job will turn out.)
* You may end up working with former bosses or co-workers in the future if they move to your new company.

So, how do you quit your job? Always write a letter of resignation that is professional, polite and says something good about the job. Thank your boss for the opportunity to work for the company and mention how much you enjoyed your job or the work environment. Be sure you give at least two weeks notice and offer to answer any questions about projects you are currently involved in. Try to wrap up all your loose ends. And never say anything negative during your exit interview – stay positive.

Originally posted on April 15, 2006 @ 10:14 am


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