Personal Branding PyramidMost people will almost always look towards compensation and benefits  as the most important aspect overall before formally accepting their designation in any organizations. Weighing out these benefits which include actual salary, leaves and other benefits that include health, insurance and separation pays  are usually detailed and the points for consideration prior to assuming the post and undertaking all the duties and responsibilities that are covered by the job at hand. In most cases, these are the driving factors that motivate  most employees and become reasons towards corporate loyalty by employees, something that becomes the difference between length of tenure and employee turnover ratios.

It is only natural for people to place price for their services, the fees of which they feel are the best way to reward them for all their garnered and stored knowledge from investments in studies and hands on experiences in their field. There is no proper measurement of the degree of efficiency that most people have, and only through recommendations, personal references and individual distinction that will always run through the business sector can most top rank organizations have any way to be able to assess how valuable a person is in any organization and the impact of his insertion in them would help turn around the organization in its drive towards efficient overall corporate performance. While there are some talented individuals who look for appreciation and citation as their main drive for effective work accomplishment, majority will always look towards compensation as the bait and motivational factor to which they can be expected to join such organizations in their drive towards corporate success and excellence.

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