The type of reward that most organizations give to their employees serves as a motivating factor for them to push themselves to perform above standards. Most of the time, money becomes the ultimate longing by most people, perhaps due to the reason that the economic crisis that besets most countries today make it hard for people to sustain their average cost of living. While there are standard wage requirements that most companies pass through law, this is not sufficient at times since such declarations are done just to offset the high cost of consumer goods and services that businesses are forced to follow.

Additionally, there are organizations that see the implementation of wage hikes at a particular level. In the Philippines for example, wage hikes are only given upon signing of laws and the actual date that they should be applied. Unless the cause to properly declare these hikes are forewarned, employers will dilly dally and maximize the time until the actual date of implementation of wage increase as ordered by the government is actually in place.

 Engagement and Motivation in ReadingAnother motivating factor is that of providing further responsibilities or a wider scope of coverage in terms of work. Some forego monetary rewards in lieu of this, choosing the powers given to them over higher salary scales since this is usually a step into the same direction. This of course is not always the case and while people take a large risk in doing such, there is no question that their personal market value greatly increases given the experience and responsibilities that they shall be exposed to. Besides, a person who has gone through professional training and routine work will eventually get the chance to study his options, and only then will monetary consideration for career enhancement and growth shall truly step in.

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