Among the hardest parts of being a manager has, is to play mediator between the rank and file people and his superiors. Playing referee is not as easy as it seems and in most cases, if a person is not used to reading a person’s personality and traits, chances are the message will not be made across as effectively as it should be.

Funny though, this seems like a simple communication problem. However, given the situation, one must consider that people are different from one another and the type of reception that most people would have is not comforting all the time. We all stand up for something that we believe that is right, but in a corporate setting, these issues tend to leave a mark. Business endeavors are entirely different from personal ones and the last thing that people need to do is take them in the wrong way. Emotions should not be mixed with a professional endeavor since doing so may get a person into more trouble or worse even fired.

Negotiation with a person is a form of indirect motivation in itself. In any case, an employee is given the chance to air his side to effectively weigh out the problem. Considering that they have the right to be heard, determining the level to which they should be talked at, and laying down the situation before them can more or less help the manager and the person assess the situation and determine the proper means to resolve an issue from getting out of hand. Negotiation is a key aspect here since exhausting all efforts to be able to maximize his current qualifications and at the same time transforming him to become more efficient is the key aspect of it all.

Just like in any negotiation prowess, failure to compromise will eventually lead to a failed attempt or worse parting of ways. While not all endeavors are deemed favorable in nature, it is the overall good of the business that should be in the best interest of a manager, and if lucky, the employee as well.

Originally posted on March 27, 2006 @ 10:56 am


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