MBA GraduatesJust came from a small gathering for the newly graduated MBA students of Ateneo Graduate School of Business. A lot of faces, both old and new, and well, my first greeting were congratulations and saying welcome to the MBA club since I had done the same exactly a year ago. I asked how it felt finishing their degree and well the common answer was a big sigh of relief. Well truly, aside from having that MBA title beside your name, I simply told them, now you will start to miss the good old days of studying.


Asking them what they planned to do no next, a lot of mixed answers came my way. Some were contemplating on migrating towards the United States, some transferring to a better paying job while some were offered better salaries from their old companies. Such was expected, something similar to mine where I grabbed the opportunity to enter another field outside my usual Information Technology Management role for the past 10 years, the last with M-Tech Medical Hospital. At the moment, my tenure with Merlion International Sales, Inc. is a challenging one but demanding as well. But one thing I like about the company, whose pilot product happens to be the Chin Chin Black Gulaman which I have been aggressively marketing and placing in the market, is that I handle practically the whole company at the pace I want to run it.


Not a lot of people see the fruits of having this MBA degree. Aside from getting another title or lifting their business knowledge up a notch, it opens a wider array of opportunities for them. While a stroke of luck will also be critical, MBA graduates are usually exposed to another level of approaching their careers, some to the extent of even taking up business in their own perspective. The opportunities are endless, but whatever their decision may be, it shall surely be something that will be to their advantage and benefit, both for career and financial stature. Congratulations to the 2006 Ateneo Graduate School of Business graduates! May your future provide a better career ahead of you!

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