Sales EmployeesFor rank and file employees, especially the people who are into sales and marketing, their time devoted to work will definitely vary. The problem with some employees however, they tend to bend the rules and only choose to be content closing perhaps one or two deals, leaving the rest behind for another day. Time is not significant to them, and as long as they are receiving their regular salaries and commissions, nothing else really matters.


Handling such people has become pathetic in nature. While these people show promise and could very well be potential managers someday, the bottom-line is their personal attitude towards the work they have. While in most cases, considering the economic crisis that most countries like the Philippines has at the moment, it is not surprising at why employees are trying to make do with whatever job they have right now. But management, which just so happens to be under my jurisdiction, will not tolerate such practices. Proper performance monitoring has been my battle cry at the moment, and no matter how I would want to be lenient with regards to their situation, such behaviors are simply unacceptable.


The overall performance of the company is the priority and this is something I would want to establish and direct the company towards to. Seeing a company flourish with the proper manpower complement, regardless of what industry is the dream of any manager or executive. Not only is it for the purpose of being compensated more, but it is really for self-fulfillment above everything else. The individual success and outlook of a person should be deeply instilled into his subordinates, but unfortunately, they may have other agendas in mind. In such cases, people of this nature are not expected to last long, and are only perhaps temporary instruments that are letting the storm pass. Once the sky clears, I would hate to think how they can find their way in finding themselves, wasting time for selfish financial purposes. Such a shame for people who should know that life is too short to waste.

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Originally posted on September 9, 2006 @ 9:31 am


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