An employee’s salary is the single most important basis for being able to motivate an employee to be able to carry out the duties and responsibilities that has been assigned to him for the tenure of his employment. While employees will have their own belief as far as the commensurate compensation package is concerned, companies view it in a different aspect, largely depending on the nature of the workload and its important contribution to the normal operations of an entity.

Comparing pay rates and salaries in a company with other employees who contribute in a different nature is only normal nowadays. What people fail to see is the importance and level of relevance each duty that is assigned in a company. It is not entirely about knowledge but rather more on the weight of the departmental expectations as a whole. For example, Accounting firms are sure to put emphasis on quality financial or accounting graduates to be the bread and butter. While marketing is also needed to be able to drive in prospective clients, the main emphasis of the company needs to be taken care of. For advertising and promotional companies, creativeness and marketing strategies for clients who wish to push their nature of service and product offering. The list goes on and on and each one really depends on the nature of the business.

It is rare to see most employees to be happy with their salaries. Today, add to this the fact the rising cost of living in practically anywhere like the Philippines and other Asian countries have to keep their heads above water. Salaries and pay scales are really important to people. They are actually the key towards motivation of employees along with added benefits that usual companies would provide to their labor force today.

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Originally posted on October 29, 2006 @ 9:23 am


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