WarfareMarketing is a sort of guerilla marketing warfare where most people find themselves between the crossfire. However, getting caught in the middle is not similar to actual war that we are all accustomed to. Rather, the types of ammunitions that are thrown across are directed more towards the psychological and mental well-being of most people, rather than physically causing harm.

Such marketing ammunition include advertising, promotional schemes, product or brand awareness building, freebies, giveaways, and the like. Most of these are aimed toward building a brand or product growth that can inform customers and the target market that such brands do exist. Take for example the case of brand giants such as Microsoft, Marlboro, Nokia, Toyota and LaCoste, each of these companies whose brands are readily identified and familiar throughout the world have made their mark through the use of their proper marketing ammunition that has helped them build their empires and global identify that has raised their level of demands as far as their products are concerned. Such has been the focus of most up and coming companies, building on the brand and using the same brand as easy to recall as possible.

The business strategy is not easy. For one, prior techniques are not guaranteed to be suitable for all products or services that are being offered today. People have a certain bar to which they can compare current products from past ones, and this is regardless if they are still existent or not. The cry today is for innovative approaches towards marketing and product enrichment, something that has kept the business and research development departments of most companies doing the necessary pencil pushing to come up with the right business framework to survive in the war of business as we know it today. Some have bitten the bullet and survived. Others have faltered and conceded already. However, it all depends, since above all, it is the feasibility and the attractiveness of the market that must be considered above everything else, and not simply for the purpose of putting up a business for the sake of getting large sums of returning investment capital which less business minded entrepreneurs expect.

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Originally posted on September 15, 2006 @ 10:21 am


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