The need for most managers to approach every endeavor, using a personality traits, that is, a complete transformation of who they are once they are in the working place is usually needed to maintain the level or professionalism inside the working place. This statement may however vary, since just like any person, we all have our own varying opinions. Carl Jung offers some personality theories explaining such behaviors and most of them are applicable in modern day businesses today. The manner in how to lead our departments to be aligned with the purpose and objectives of the company is the most important thing to consider above all. Most managers would deal with their employees to their liking, some challenging them to grow out of their shell and become responsible rather than waiting for the directive of their superiors. Empowering these people helps build their confidence level and prepare them to more daunting tasks, an occurrence that will surely be to their advantage.

In the same way, some leaders would want to play the safe side and ensure that they have the total control all throughout, leaving no room for probable threats of being some day replaced. There is no question that all employees under a manager dream of being the boss some day, and it does not matter on how they do it. Thus, such an idea becomes a security measure of sorts for managers and superiors, heeding probably successors to them who may even provide a better performance than them. This in turn becomes reason for them to strive hard and maintain their level of qualifications, much of which can be measured through their actual performance contribution to the whole organization.

Here is a useful article on the Core Purpose of Governance that can share more light to this matter.

Originally posted on April 24, 2006 @ 6:38 am


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