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Make friends
You may not be an extrovert in real life but what is stopping you from being sociable online? After all, all you need to do is participate in forums and make comments in other blogs. Of course, make sure that what you post is sensible and reliable. This is particularly important when it comes to blogs that are related to your business. The people who maintain and read these blogs are the very same people that you want to get to look at your blog. As such, reading other blogs and making comments regularly will help you catch their attention and direct traffic to your site.

Link train posts
This used to be a popular way of increasing page rankings and thus increasing traffic to one’s blog. However, Google has taken some action in this regard so I am not quite optimistic about this point. If you are a firm believer in this idea, however, don’t let me stop. Just my two cents’ worth.

Submit articles
There are many article submission directories online. These web sites offer articles for free to the general public. The articles that you have to submit should be related to your business or your area of expertise. When people read these articles, they will see something about you (the author) and a link to your blog, thus increasing the chances of having new visitors.

These are only some of the ways by which you can increase the popularity of your blog. Do you have any other ways in mind? Why not let the rest of us in on your secret?

Originally posted on February 4, 2008 @ 1:11 am

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