Most employees would consider their job descriptions vague, but in reality, do they really perform all the duties during their tenure? If so, could they possibly consider such duties to be done with the same weight all throughout?

Such has become a dispute among organizations, most notably the people who work for them. Some would consider a type of short change attitude, especially for people who feel they exert much effort rather what is normally done. This is a never ending issue, but if properly audited, will surely return a surprising result, usually something that will be unaccepted by most employees.

A job description may be vague, but the major expectations for the duties that they perform will always be highlighted. There is no question that these major attributes will play a different role in determining the place of each person. Comparing the work of each person with that of another of a different line of duty should not be done, since in the first place, there is really no position in a company that is usually similar that is under a different job title.

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Originally posted on May 10, 2006 @ 8:59 pm


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