One could argue that the most difficult part of running a business isn’t making sales or keeping employees happy and motivated – the hardest part is keeping the stockroom organized and well managed. For those who have trouble finding two of the same shoes in the morning, this task is probably the most neglected. Here are some tips for organizing the stockroom with ease.

Invest in proper storage

Storage cabinets and bins are essential to maintaining organization in your stockroom. Label each bin according to the inventory it holds; similarly, label storage cabinets and ensure that each item is clearly visible. Organize further by sorting items from oldest to newest, by color, by function – whatever helps your business run more smoothly.

Have designated work areas

Without specific employee work areas, all your hard work organizing your inventory will go down the drain. Set up work areas for sorting and storing received inventory so nothing falls through the cracks. Designate another area for organizing items to be placed on sale racks the next day, and include a similar area for items taken off the shelves. Finally, create a separate area for shipping and include bins marked with shipping dates. Place items meant for shipping to customers or clients in this area so there’s no confusion about what’s leaving and when.

Take care of your employees

The inventory isn’t the only thing spending a lot of time in the stockroom – employees spend much of their time there as well. Show your appreciation by adding a few perks in the room. A mini fridge can be used to supply employees or customers with drinks, or can be used store employees’ lunches. If employees spend a lot of time organizing inventory, invest in padded chairs or anti-fatigue mats to make them feel more comfortable.

Pieces of flair

While you don’t want a policy that resembles Chotchkie’s – the restaurant from Office Space that requires employees to wear a minimum of 15 pieces of flair – you do want your business, including the stockroom, to express some personality. A fresh coat of paint can go a long way, especially if you branch out from the typical beige or gray. A bulletin board can be a fun way to keep employees updated on store happenings, hang personal pictures or advertise special events.

Even the most scatterbrained manager can get by with a few simple organizational tricks. The key to getting organized – and staying organized – is by making use of storage containers and labels. When the stockroom is organized and work areas are marked, other business management tasks will run more smoothly as well.

Originally posted on July 12, 2013 @ 1:24 am

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