How to Use CaptainForm To Brand Your Online Forms

Creating a captivating online form is one thing but managing to build a web form that resonates with the visions, tone of voice and branding design of your business is a challenge that should not be undermined.

In a way, building a web form for your business is like building a website. Placing a logo and a call to action are an essential part of branding your space on the web and the same goes for web forms. With CaptainForm, you have the ability to easily customize your forms and give them the look and feel that best represents your business. This article will get you through the most important steps in branding an online form.

Add Your Logo To Increase Brand Exposure

Sometimes, mentioning your business name simply isn’t enough to make an impression on the users. The logo is the “face” of the company is placing it on web and print materials is an important part of marketing your brand.
You can easily add your logo in CaptainForm by going to “Settings”, clicking “Themes” and upload your logo.

Turning Your Online Form Into a CTA

The purpose of the web copy is bringing value to the customer, directing visitors to landing pages, and converting viewers into clients.By correctly branding your online form, you can do the same with any web form created in CaptainForm. You can easily link to your website or a specific product page by adding a link in the copy of your web form. This will help you direct traffic from the online form back to your landing page.

Theme Design and Customization

The appearance of your online form is the first thing that will grab the visitors’ attention. That’s why it’s important that you pick a theme that resonates with the brand design of your business. CaptainForm allows you to not only choose from over 30 free form templates but you can customize them to your preference. Besides adding your logo, and a custom background image, you can customize the design of your form by playing around with different color schemes.

Additionally, you can change the color of the submit button with a specific color from your branding palette.

Maintain Consistency in Design With Custom Typography

Design consistency is crucial to building a memorable brand. Besides sticking to a specific color scheme, you need to make sure you’re not straying away too much from the typography used in the other print and web materials your business has. You can effortlessly switch between different font families, pick font sizes and colors when formatting the copy of your online form. CaptainForm also allows you to customize fonts within your field labels, instructions, and headings, additionally to changing the typography in your main form copy. To correctly brand your online form, make sure you’re using the same fonts you’re using on your website or go for a font family that best represents the one your brand uses if you’re not sure which font to pick.

Use a Tone of Voice That Resonates With You Company

Finally, ensure that the copy of your online form resonates with your brand identity and engaged your visitors to complete the form. Maintaining the same tone of voice across different copy materials is essential when marketing your brand. This means, staying away from jokes and intended puns when writing a form copy for a brand that has a serious tone of voice. Yet, make sure you’re either entertaining or educating visitors to guarantee they won’t bounce off in the first moment available. This can not only hurt the statistics of your web form but also build a bad reputation for your company.

Originally posted on March 31, 2017 @ 9:01 am