For luckily chosen individuals, the chance to hone their current knowledge through trainings and seminars is a benefit that not most people are entitled to. For the people who are given the chance to be sent to seminars or specialty trainings, the purpose is for the improvement and enrichment of their actual work with the company, and implementing the gathered knowledge for overall work performance improvement.

There are of course the free packages and the paid packages. While the former would usually be permitted, paid specialized training and seminars would be usually left towards the discretion of the immediate superiors and management team, identifying what benefits and outcomes will be gotten out of such training. These additional expenses are usually not included in departmental budgets, especially for sudden offerings of such since it is usually on an as needed basis, thus falling under the miscellaneous expenses portion of a detailed balanced sheet once presented to management upon request.

For the employee, such an opportunity is also a means of enhancing their self-confidence, taking them towards different levels because for them, being chosen and sent to such seminars means that something is in store for them, especially for people who get to attend seminars that are not closely related with their work. Usually, administration, marketing and personnel management seminars are the top departments that are given seminars and trainings, each providing a new set of methodologies that will benefit companies who are open to change and would want to implement new techniques that can further improve their current standard operating procedures for the better future of the organization.

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Originally posted on October 21, 2006 @ 9:31 am


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