Ask and you shall receive. Or will you? Most employees today would be crazy if they will not agree that majority are not content and satisfied with what they are actually receiving from their respective companies today. No matter what benefits, bonuses, commissions and performance appraisal is given, this simply is not enough in most cases. The usual thing you will hear is that they negotiate either directly or indirectly with their superiors, sometimes creating bluffs as leaving the company if their demands are not met.
Employee Negotiation and CompensationThere are various ways to get the ideal salary scale or compensation package that people would consider as their ideal satisfaction in terms of exchange for the services they render and bring to a company. One is that of bluffing or looking for leverage by checking out the market for similar or better positions that can give in to their desired compensation package. Employees would bite the bullet and grab the offer once they find it, while sometimes; people use this so that they can have something to lean back on before going to their boss and blurting out their grievances. Negotiation for a better package does not immediately set in. There are various points of reference prior to final decision, and these include:
  1. Performance Evaluation
  2. Length of Service
  3. Field of Specialization
  4. Job Knowledge and Experience
  5. Significant Contributions and Accomplishments
There may be other varying factors but the five aforementioned points of reference will surely be among the immediate assessment for an employee. There is no question that before due process is given, the point of origin should be properly evaluated first and deliberated.
It takes so much to be able to demand from a company with regards to what it can give. Other factors from the internal point of view also have to be considered, such as:
  1. Corporate Performance and Stature
  2. Financial Position
  3. Organizational Composition and Growth
  4. Budget Allocations
Hence, prior to dreaming for an ideal personal satisfaction with the company, it endures a lot of considerations. It should not only come from the benefit of an employee, but also as to how and what a company can be able to satisfy these needs.
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