Employees will always be on the lookout for greener pastures as far as their jobs are concerned. It is not a matter of being able to secure a financial aspect to be able to provide the needs of their respective families but more on fulfillment in the professional aspect. For some, it is a building block towards career growth and enhancement. Some would visualize themselves becoming corporate executives, CEO’s, general managers or maybe even plain entrepreneurs with successful endeavors and ventures.

Efficiency and effectiveness in terms of employee impact and contribution to the entire department is one key aspect that can be able to identify if an employee is able to be categorized as being a key element to the process flow of a department. It is not a matter of presence alone but rather the importance of his line of work in the department. The function of an employee to the whole mix can be considered critical, especially at times when he is indisposed, when the whole group is left at a disarray to be able to cover for his absences, something that will surely give headaches to the department and the other relying sections of the organization.

Other factors that include punctuality, work output, and resourcefulness are some of the other factors that are assessed regularly by an organization. Yearly performance evaluation periods are carried out towards each department so that they may identify shortcoming and over-achieving personnel who are due for recognition and possibly for promotion. Most companies would do well to keep close watch of such employees since finding out that these people exist may be for the benefit of the entire organization. It is still best to keep loyal and deserving employees on their corporate roster rather than seeing them resigning and joining other companies who may become more successful thanks to their undiscovered talents, most of the time that essentials that most people are looking for.

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Originally posted on October 15, 2006 @ 11:51 pm


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