There are many ways to identify when a person has successfully fulfilled his career. It can come in different forms, either his current position, or the rate at which he has become a key to the company. Many people take pride in assuming a supervisory to a managerial role. For most individuals, it is a matter of being able to satisfy their professional dream, standing on where they are today. While there are many ways on how most of us would resort to, the best and honorable way is to work your way towards the top. Some would resort to office politics, getting close to people in power, but this does not entirely promise that a person deserves on where he is at the moment.

Leadership and EmpowermentIt is obvious at how people can be identified as true and deserving when placed into power. For one, their overall knowledge on how to be able to run things can be seen and looked up to by their co-employees and subordinates. While it is not always a given that people would know more than the people under them, the manner of handling people and actual operations of the company is where performance and job knowledge will be measured. The respect gained from his subordinates will be very much obvious, something that becomes more of a yearning rather than an imposition of power of authority.  Unorthodox leadership may be gauged at times, but the overall performance and results is what matters most from a company, hence a reason why people lean on specific professional individuals to perform the expected tasks in most scenarios.

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Originally posted on October 4, 2006 @ 9:35 pm


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