The blog boom is nothing short of miraculous, with countless new blogs being created each and every day, in all parts of the world. Everyone knows about this. Yet if you look a bit deeper into the situation, you can also see countless blogs which have died or are dying. Your business blog, as easy it may be to set up, can be one of these dead-dying blogs if you are not careful. Here are some practical ways to become a mere statistic in the blogosphere – needless to say, my aim is for you to avoid these.

Don’t maintain focus.
Instead, jump from one topic to another all the time. Avoid being thematic and presenting clear and coherent ideas to your reader base. Talk about marketing the next day and then feature the latest reality TV show the next. This will surely keep your readers on their toes and away from your blog.
Be ambiguous about your domain name.
So what if your domain name can be misinterpreted for something else? That is the name you want, so stick to it. It doesn’t matter if the people who are looking for your blog find something else because your domain name is not clear. Neither is it important that people stumble upon your blog even if they are looking for something else.

Focus on keywords and nothing else.

We all know that the key to rising in the search engine rankings is to populate our posts with keywords, don’t we? It doesn’t matter that the posts almost make no sense at all because of the wording. What is important is that the posts are over rich in keywords. Never mind that human readers cannot make sense of it.

(to be continued)

Originally posted on October 29, 2007 @ 3:14 pm

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