Career Management WheelA dilemma that most people face in the course of their career is what career path to follow and to flourish in. The proper path depends on how people view themselves after a certain number of years, a position where they can visually see themselves gaining headway. Such visions can be in the medical profession, legal profession, political activeness, the common office worker, or the aggressive marketer and sales person.

The answer may seem so simple that in most cases, people would choose the career in which they feel comfortable in. People step up faster in the corporate ladder, garnering promotions and just citations for remarkable achievements. The key to everything is enjoying what they do, and living their role in an organization according to their heart’s desires. Rarely would people blossom into full pledged successful individuals if they choose to follow a path where they are not really suited in. In short, success may come easy, and it really depends on how people would want their success to grow and flourish. Forcing ones self to learn and get used to one type of work or task will not be fruitful and will never gain potential growth for themselves and the work they are in.

Varying working conditions, ideal duties and responsibilities and their current status and stand towards their current and future companies that they are eyeing will need the gathering together of work ethics, discipline and the positive attitude to place them in the right direction to success. It should not be forced nor instilled from external sources, but should be allowed to come out naturally and whole heartedly. A person who would take on jobs but at the same time not provide it with the 100% dedication that is expected for it to flourish, will eventually become a waste of time, and worse, depriving a person from making it big in the actual field of study to which he should be following.


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