DelegationBeing a manager or a head of a certain department or company will surely come with great authority and expectations. The management team and the people who compose the organization have a lot of expectations in terms of job knowledge and directional performance to which a company is seen to be going to. Such does not seem as an easy task, but putting your place in the shoes of these people will help a lot in understanding the areas needed for improvement and how to build their confidence and motivate them to work better.

There is no doubt that people will learn a lot from everyday interaction and proceedings in a workplace setting. The various working environments possess various atmospheres and working ambiance that differentiate each entity. However, the management and leadership style that most assigned heads in various situations will be put to the test, allowing them to adapt to the effective manner of leading that can help not only bring the company towards new heights, but enticing employee contribution as well, as far as overall organizational behavior and outlook is concerned.

Monster DelegationSome people mistake a person’s attitude towards work as taking some things personal. Scolding or lambasting employees is the last thing that can lead to efficient work production. It should be noted that a sane manager is simply relaying what has been spoken to by the top brass executives, such scenarios needing much improvement and attention to satisfy the high degree of expectations not only from the person but through the leadership process. Amongst this are the delegation proceedings, identifying proactive people to be blessed with the opportunity to show their wares and be given the opportunity to shine. Such delegated assignments are not always granted and once they are handed down, fortunate employees should do their best in making good the chance to be able to climb up the corporate ladder of the company.

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Originally posted on September 19, 2006 @ 8:56 am


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