For any person, the personal gains that he can be able to achieve in the same line with that of a company’s success is something that will be a fulfillment that most people would dream off. Both for the benefit of an individual and the company, going in the right direction, both in the financial and organizational structure manner, will form a partnership that builds empires and successful organizations for the coming years. A give and take relationship in the business aspect is something that any entrepreneur or management team will surely endure, more so at the rate that changing times have struck most economies of all countries in the world today.


Career MapThe matter of personal vendetta is something that is quite common these days. The reason behind is that most organizations tend to overlook the talent and promise that most employees provide to their daily operations. With over a dozen to a hundred employees that compose a company, such a scenario is only typical, not being able to appreciate talent and their contributions at the same time towards a company. Management can only recognize so much, and while glaring performances from employees may be pointed, the little things and the opportunity of other low profile employees that contribute to the whole success, is always set aside and eventually lost, once such employees decide to go a different direction to ensure that their talent can be appreciated elsewhere.

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Originally posted on October 7, 2006 @ 8:45 am


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