Today, most employees are content with having to do routine work and get paid for their troubles. Career enhancement and growth take a backseat since financial security is the most important aspect in the lives of people today to sustain the demands and wants they require and so with their dependents and family members. For these people, being able to survive the storm and satisfy their needs is the single most important factor that they can look forward to and nothing else.

Proactive PeopleFor the career dreamers however, taking on their jobs and trying to study the techniques and methodologies of other departments around them in the working environment they are in, helps build their interest and knowledge, expanding their level of knowledge and interest in the other fields. This is an advantage for them, since the time may come wherein they may need to adapt to such multitasking work environments or maybe even if they decide to put up their own businesses one day and take on entrepreneurship as their main bread and butter.

Sure, there are books and people to provide the necessary advise, but approaching it with the right perspective, a pro-active perspective that can be also referred to through Covey’s Seven Habits, is something that will do more good and experience to people who crave for more knowledge in the field of business. Business is a war, and the only way to get ready for way is to be properly armed and map out tactical blue prints in case of emergencies.

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Originally posted on September 13, 2006 @ 8:59 am


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