Google ranking algorithms are updated continuously, and this causes a fluctuation in one’s website ranking. Position changes in websites usually change by one or two positions, but during a month, there would be a huge change for a single search keyword. Apart from algorithmic updates, localization and personalization will also vary a website’s ranking. This is the article business owners who want to develop their website’s ranking should read.


Localization refers to the different search results Google will display depending on the location of the searcher and the type of website accessed. Personalization refers to search results brought forward by Google altering its results in accordance with one’s previous searches. If someone has visited your business website for a purchase or inquiry a couple of times and then they search for that same specific keyword again, your site would appear higher on the search engines. Companies and business firms need to realize that both keyword domains and links have lost their relevance in website ranking, and this also goes for backlinks with reference to plain text keyword links. Brands are considered and given first priority by search engines when they have more backlinks.


Using your business brand as your domain name will definitely raise your website ranking. Activities on social networks are plentiful meaning, content is shared often so it gets greater rankings. A business firm with a well-positioned URL eventually gets more likes, shares or tweets causing a huge mass of social signals, which in-turn gives you a greater website ranking. Business owners have to realize that in order for their website to get a better ranking, quality content is a must. Some of the factors to consider while rating content are: the number of external links to the website, its HTML length, word count, keywords used in the body and character length among other factors that influence rank.

Looking at website rankings done in 2012, one thing noted is the use of a high number of media components among top-rated business firms. Having more backlinks to your website brings about a higher website ranking. Though this is a factor that has begun to change since not only is the quantity important but also quality. Learning and acquiring on-page technology is a key factor to having an improved website ranking. Although, on page technology for business is more about meeting the required criteria to avoid poor rankings rather than using it to have higher rankings.

Factors that are considered to quality websites for rankings include: length of the URL, the position of the keyword in the title and the existence of the website’s description since search engines use algorithms to check for quality and relevance of content. The method of evaluating websites and producing ratings are known as ranking factors. The correlation of a particular ranking is related to a few factors, such as the click through rate and also how many times someone has ended up at your website after searching a keyword. All of the above might be a lot to take in, which is why you would want to take things step-by-step or realize what a complex but important task this is and hire a professional.

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