Marketing an organization’s services, with emphasis on the medical industry is an entirely different concept compared to that of end-user goods and consumables. The marketing approach to these types of business endeavors requires a more psychological approach in the sense that the satisfaction level of people are the more important aspects of winning the nod of the consumer market and class to which they are aiming to conquer.

Medical institutions such as M-Tech Medical Hospital, Medical City and St. Lukes Hospital situated in the metropolis of Manila in the Philippines cater to such genre. Medical services are varied and most of them have their own unique specialization. Among the better known medical services are that of the Cardiology, Healthcare ProfessionalsRadiology and General Surgery Services. Health is a means of concern nowadays, and there is no question that people are a lot more conscious about their well-being today compared to latter years. 

One clear example is the preference for drinks to consume, that of which is the green tea fever that has been dominating the greater part of the world, particularly in countries where the product knowledge for green tea contents and benefits are not closely stressed and highlighted, leaving it more on the psychological acceptance of the products that are catered in the market.

True that most people are becoming health conscious, but the proper level of being educated towards what products truly have health benefits leaves a lot to be said. Such a gap in the whole of product knowledge allows hovering business vultures to take advantage of the opportunity, most of which would care less about what the consumer benefits would be. But in business, it is a battle of brains and wits, relegating the role of business ethics to a subsidiary level for such opportunities. While such practices are not expected to last and that given the level of interest and curiosity that most people have, especially competitors who study the market, the truth behind the product development and product life cycle will evidently be made known, something that most wise business leaders are truly aware of, hence the need for them to always have their guards up.

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