For a special day like today, Mother’s Day, most people pay tribute to the various mothers who take care of the household, children and the other usual duties that moms are known to do. There are also the working class moms who combine their career with their personal chores, something that is not really an easy task to undertake. Perhaps this is the reason why most people take their hats off to the rational women of today, and such a day as today is totally dedicated to all mother’s out there.

To celebrate such an occasion, restaurants, food establishments, cake and floral shops are sure to be loaded with orders and buyers, most of which are used to celebrate this special day for mothers. For some sectors, this becomes an opportunity to take advantage of the occasion and mark up their prices for this time only, since it is quite certain that the volume of demand will skyrocket than the normal days.

For all mothers out there, especially the ones who usually use article writing as a means for spending their spare time, Happy Mother’s Day to all!

Originally posted on May 14, 2006 @ 8:52 am


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