Chin Chin Green TeaLike a broken record, it seems that I have nothing else to blog or write other than the green tea market here in the Philippines. Well, I just can’t help it, I always run into new gimmicks and new strategies being implemented left and write. Among them, it is obvious that price is the key attractive tool to solicit the necessary market acceptance tool in this category marketing group for green tea beverages. All the while I thought Zesto and Universal Robina Corporation had dominated the market with their so-called local green tea drinks, I ran into some more players on the rise, bottled and powdered tea products too. 

Sometimes I think, are these late entrants planning to give URC’s C2 and Zesto’s The One a run for their money? Perhaps, but in what way? From my immediate assessment, they are only after market penetration and looking towards larger market shares after establishing their niche. This is perhaps something that Chin Chin failed to do, proud of being natural and quality serving notice and proof as to why its variants are high priced than the local manufactured drinks.

The local market in the Philippines is more price conscious, and only a handful care about the quality overall. As long as it can be consumed, people don’t really care of the health benefits and nutrition factors. The funny thing is that people take heed of such only at certain ages, or when an alarming concern about their health is concerned. This notion is a common thing. People only act and take notice at latter stages, when some issues are close to becoming imminent and benign. Being able to afford such goods, the quality products are hardly preferred today. Price and placement are two of the key factors that people undertake. Unfortunately, as always, people learn only when everything is too late. A pity for lost opportunities for people looking for quality health drinks but a luxury for retailers and prospective outlets.

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Originally posted on September 3, 2006 @ 6:43 am


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