If Saddam Hussein was alive and kicking today, he may be laughing his heads off seeing the US government fighting among themselves. Ironically, the issue for their squabbles is about the continuing issue of the war in Iraq. US government officials including President Bush should be ashamed at their acts and get themselves back in composure.

>Government War

For weeks now, the headlines have been all about the elections and the war in Iraq. The issue? When will the Iraq war end and when will there be a definite picture of the overall security of the nation? These are the questions that are surely in the minds of US citizens which are not being answered as their continuous arguments seem to be never ending.

As it stands now, the US is in disarray because of it and such has been making the nation divided. Unless something concrete or a resolution is agreed on, it seems hopeless to read the papers on the latest developments of the controversies in the area of politics today.

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Originally posted on February 27, 2007 @ 2:36 am

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