Black Gulaman Bottled Drinks PhilippinesFor most marketing people, participating in more than one line of business as far as trying to market and sell their goods is something that people have considered to be open to. Being a member of this new fad called the LoadXtreme Prepaid Loading Biz in the Philippines and at the same time being the General Manager for Merlion International Sales, Inc., a full time job that entails brainstorming and overall administration of company operations for the various bottled drinks that it distributes like the Chin Chin Black Gulaman and Powerbits Sports Drinks, making ends meet is something that is more than meets the eye.

Black Gulaman PhilippinesAt the moment, being stocked with over 4,000 cases of Black Gulaman drinks, the strategy to immediately bring down the inventory level is one of the concerns of the Merlion International Sales, Inc Management Team. Promotions on bulk purchases is something that will surely be on the top of the marketing strategies that the company is considering, but given the fact that everything depends on the end consumer demand for the product, stocking up the distributors and retailers who carry the product is something that will surely vary. Like at the moment, the scheme is a free Prepaid Loading Station Card for every 10 boxes ordered starting November, 2006. The idea is to encourage bulk order while at the same time giving the current and interested distributors an opportunity to start their own prepaid loading station at any location of their choosing.

This is like hitting two birds with one stone, but if there is a benefactor here, it is the retailers and distributors for the Chin Chin Black Gulaman. Some people may consider a catch but in reality there is really nothing to it. The idea is to purely push the Chin Chin Black Gulaman to the market so that going demand for the product can be satisfied and consumed.

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