For every worker, the dream of making it big in any company, holding the high-end positions and leading a team to perform in an optimized fashion is what they would yearn for. No one can really blame people for trying to reach their dreams. It is only natural since this serves as the drive of most people who want to make a living out of the corporate life. Besides, no employee would be content being in their current position, most of which are in the rank and file position, something that no person is destined to be stuck in such a hole and gain the necessary breaks to be able to land a more convenient and decent job that most people always look for in any company that they may find themselves in. 

An employee focused on his work will surely reap dividends later on; especially when important a procedure in the department or entire section is at stake. This usually becomes the case when people are left mastering the routine for these small things which becomes an important factor at some point, when they are unable to come to work or have been indisposed due to some reason that hinders their presence on the job. Normally, managers are seen cramming to look for the right documents and routine work to be able to get a department operating smoothly and effectively.

The importances of hard-working people who have been considered to be underachieving are seen in different ways. However, in most cases, their little contribution as seen by most people will only be realized once they are not around. In any business undertaking, the smallest function of a worker can mean an entirely big difference, especially if superiors are not very adept on what these low profile workers are really doing and contributing.

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Originally posted on October 25, 2006 @ 9:38 am


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