Career PAthsEach day, employees and laborers look to find something different aside from doing their usual routine work in their respective offices. The common employee would either perform same tasks over and over, such as clerical duties, auditing costs, expenses and incoming revenue or even just monitor functioning work flows to ensure that everything is in place. Ideally, the standard work flow of most companies is not that different, even if most of them fall under a different line of business. Overall, for people who are simply satisfied with purely earning for a living, a job is all that matters and that looking forward to building their careers take a backseat, some not wanting to risk the chance to land a better job than what they have.


Ideally, most people are hard to satisfy. For the more task oriented people, completion and career enhancement will always be at the forefront of their careers. The craving for advanced knowledge, exploring other opportunities for promotion or new line of work is a culprit in a person’s drive of losing focus, especially if he has no clear cut direction to where he is supposed to be.


Getting MBA degrees or advanced training may help, but the eventual decision shall be dependent on how a person projects himself inside. The usual question of asking “How do you see yourself 5 years from now� is actually something that helps assess the direction a person is leaning on. It should not be a reason to boast of and gloat. It is really more on a fair assessment of the career path an employee wants to take. This is the best way to determine at what particular work he can be suited in and how he or she can fulfill such obligations and flourish simultaneously with the company.

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