Resigning EmployeeFor employees, it is still professional in a way to properly separate with any company the proper way and not to simply decide not to report for work. There is not question that most rank and file employees are not happy with their current position for one reason or another for varying reasons such as compensation and disarray in terms of determining the right way to be able to perform their duties. Multi-tasking is something that is only normal to be found in most organizations, especially those on a limited budget. However, making employees realize about this dilemma is something that they could care less. In most cases all that matters is that they get paid and do the work which they deem as efficient and enough.


A lot has to be learned if these people are to engage in a supervisory level. Most people just want the position but would not want the various responsibilities that go along with it. It is simply the title they are after and the distinction of being on top of the rest of the heap. Such a picture is pathetic and people in this position will simply be left in that position for some time unless they learn the true importance of that position. Motivation should be thoroughly assessed in most cases and without the proper definition of roles in a management or corporate setting, a company can expect higher turnover rates, thus leaving the personnel manager’s job cut out for him.

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Originally posted on August 23, 2006 @ 10:15 am


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