One of the most underrated things that a person can do is boost their morale and set higher goals and standards that will be to their benefit. Some employees are content with just achieving set primary goals to prove their worth; while other fails to see the beauty of aiming higher than what is expected from them. Such accomplishments will indeed be to their advantage in the sense that it becomes informal training and acquiring an advanced sense of knowledge, since work experience is something that is not material for people to rely on today. Most companies would put weight on work experience since such would need minimal training programs and better yet, introduce innovative techniques. Such industries that are known to prefer work experience and advanced training include Information Technology, Sales and Marketing, and Business Research and Development . These areas usually have unique strategies, and such ways will help differentiate companies from one another, the effectiveness which shall be for the benefit of the company they are working for above anything else.

The WorkaholicInformation Technology Professionals cater to a wide variety of computer related knowledge that include Programming languages in the area of Java, Perl or Powerbuilder. These programs set their bars high and would be among the crop of manpower resources that are hard to find thus allowing them to command their prices and compensation benefits to the best bidder. Networking solutions as Intranets and Networking Security are another hot commodity in the market and enhancing and mastering such an art is truly something people should not pass up.

For Sales and Marketing, the various techniques that include Direct Marketing, Network Marketing, Brand Marketing, Global Marketing and Category Marketing are among the top needs in the search for the most efficient way of to find the right mix of people and strategies for a company to prosper. Such companies that have indulged in these marketing strategies include better known companies such as Forever Living, Lifestyles, Portal Innovations, Universal Robina Corporation, Coca Cola, Chin Chin Black Gulaman and of course San Miguel Corporation. The list goes on, but these are among the leaders in their respective lines of business.

Business PuzzleBusiness Research and Development needs are becoming rampant, since traditional ways of management need new blood injected in them to keep pace with the forerunners who have employed various strategies to pick up their revenue generating schemes. The need for the use of various internal tools (BCG Matrix, TOWS Analysis, Grand Strategy, Space Matrix) and external strategies that make use of the various forces as known through Porter’s 5 Forces is something that each company will need to take into consideration as well. Mixing up everything into one thorough evaluation matrix will help identify the shortcomings and needs of any company, something that most organizations are unaware of resorting to as of to date.

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