As expected, the motion made by US President Bush with regards to sending additional troops to Iraq is expected to encounter rough opposition. Risking further casualties and incrementally deducting the US participation in the war is what the democratic leaders are aiming for since national security of the country itself is more important.

Democratic Opposition for Bush

From all indications, the war is deemed to be inappropriate at this point, considering that Iraq will only go head to head with the possible assault of the United States troops once provoked. It should also be noted that the allied nations have withdrawn their support to try and put an end to the famous Iraqi crisis.

Debates with regards to this motion will surely be dramatic as the call to end the suffering and the war in Iraq is the obvious itinerary from all angles. For what its worth, sparing the lives of soldiers at this point for the sake of the country seems the appropriate measure for the US.

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Originally posted on February 13, 2007 @ 2:44 am

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