When tempers reach their boiling points, people are normally expected to blurt out different sweet nothings to people. But for a manager to do this towards employees such as rank and file people, they should note that doing this in front of customers is not a good sign and may become harmful to the total image of a company.

Some people would not be able to help it. Is it a show of power to impress the nearby people? Whichever the case maybe, it is not a good site to see. The best way is to call on the employee and talk to them in a closed door meeting and then scold them, reprimand or anything that they may want to say, and not in front of customers. Letting emotions get the better of people, especially the empowered and placed managerial people should be put in check. Besides, subordinates are also people, and being humiliated in public does not necessarily follow that they are always creating an impression of being superior over their staff. It totally damages the entire morale of the operations and especially for people who request for service or purchase a product as a whole.

Here are some good techniques to control Anger Management Scenarios.

Originally posted on July 2, 2010 @ 10:01 am


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