The life of most events today would not be successful without support coming from big companies who invest in sponsorships, promotional activities and endorsements coming from various activities such as TV shows, sporting events or concerts. Usually, many would see the inclusion of corporate logos such as Globe, PLDT, Sony, Asia Brewery, San Miguel, Heineken and so on, as part of the teams that make an event successful.


Levels of Sponsorship


Mind you, the sponsors for an event are not easy to convince. Of course they will look at the target market, expected returns from the sponsorship of such event and the budget allocation needed to become a sponsor for such. In most cases, it takes time to get approved, hence putting the organizers in a bind most of the time. Money or in kind promotional endeavors are not easy to find, and for people who think that it is easy to get sponsorship, better put it in black and white so that their event will reap out the expected output and success, giving all people concerned something to smile about.


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