One of the main reasons why article writing has been in demand today is the fact that most people who use the Internet as their main source of reference, need as much references as possible to cite in their individual work, whether this be for school or business research purposes. There have been a lot of sites that contain information that are used by people to aid their work and justifying their claims and conclusions. But a problem persists as of late, and this is identifying if such articles that are composed do really have authentic and valid information that can help support their claims.  

StudentGoogle adsense can perhaps be blamed for some, the reason being keyword and SEO optimization. People use specified words that would ideally be looked up for by people on the Internet, but unfortunately, that is all their use is. The content of the entire setup can be subject to questionable or false information. Repetition, something that most acclaimed writers would do is being practiced, with the hope that their work would gain high ratings and numerous page views. Pathetic is perhaps the word that best describes this practice, but unless Google and SEO optimization inserts some validation argument commands in their classification of scripts, people will continue to suffer from possible false content and claims.

The by-line or the resource boxes about the writer is a good way to determine if the content is indeed meant to provide information or simply to promote a certain website. Ideas should remain in focus, and for the people who seek actual valid claims and definitions, the best way is to check out the other search queries as well, and see if there is indeed consistency in the entire article being referred to. Chances are people may be linking to an article that is entirely pointless, and such can be considered a downfall with regards to their credibility in research and also for the writer of the site who is just simply after profit from Google and other SEO paying websites.

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