The pricing for most products will play a vital cog in being able to determine on how consumer acceptance and their purchasing power will be able to help a product or good move in any given market. Pricing is perhaps one of the most sensitive and critical parts of being able to determine how a product should be placed in a market, the final cost of which should be put into due consideration towards the actual needs and consideration of most consumers who are exposed to various consumer good items, most of which have varying impact on the decision making prowess of most consumers as far as purchasing new goods from new entrants into the marketing fray.

Without a doubt, conceptualization is indeed key. The uniqueness of a product will surely bring out the combined interests of most target market components, and this is a very good support towards purchasing power of the masses. A successful marketing campaign can be able to do wonders in the marketing efforts of a company, helping them go as far as building the brand itself for a more convenient and easier brand recall and awareness for most items that are gearing as far as global marketing strategies. It should be noted that most people will always focus on their basic needs of food and shelter, and stepping out of this circle will entail a lot of convincing power as far as determining on whether such a good that they see is feasible for additional expenses for the consumer conscious spending today. Product awareness through media and promotional strategies is a good way to be able to help build the brand and product awareness, but key points that include the benefits and the differences on patronizing these said products will always be the driving point to help entice people to try the product. Unless otherwise specified in the said ads, price is the first thing that will come to mind, especially for economies of scale that are quite particular when it comes to spending for items outside the known circle of the basic necessities of living.


Originally posted on October 20, 2006 @ 10:29 am


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