Much has been said about product or service branding but personal branding is important as well. The best way to address this is to look at actors who market themselves prior to becoming well known artists on and off the screen. It may be funny to note but the surrounding tags attached to them are the actual brands that they project. Taking this into account, it is not only image but how a person is foreseen to be. Nicknames such as “the worm�?, the “big difference�?, the “total package�? and so on are common tags that are easily connected to a person. Branding is how people see these attachments in relation to how they are known. A distinction is more of a closer attachment to determine how well a person can recall, or in marketing terms, “Brand Recall�?, a thing, person, place or service. This is built on how they were able to let people remember them by.

Incidentally, we all make our own branding prowess as well. A clear example is when we apply for a job. Definitely, our strong points are what we would usually market towards organizations. Effectively selling ourselves and convincing the recruitment department and the department that we are aiming for should be in line with their requirements for the person they are looking for. People wanting to be in that position can be easily spotted, and assuming to be something we are not can easily be spotted, self confidence and belief of which are the telling factors for such.

Originally posted on August 23, 2006 @ 11:08 am

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