Varying personalities of people in the workplace are sure to be experienced by practically anyone. The essence to be able to fit into a desirable working environment depends on how employees are able to work hand in hand with people around them. While there are mixed types of people coming from different cultures and traditions, Carl Jung, a psychologist who believed that each individual has their own type of preferences when it comes towards interpersonal communication, decision making and information gathering becomes the varying factors that separates the various personalities that most individuals have. To help prove this theory, psychological testing such as the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, provide a comprehensive set of 100 questions that are used in most employee development practices by most organizations today. The examination provides a series of questions for an employee to determine how he would feel or what preferences he would have in given situations.

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) identifies individuals on the basis of energy, information gathering decision making and lifestyle. Each criteria helps identify the inner strengths of each employee and classifies them accordingly where they can truly excel. The MBTI helps in the overall development of deserving employees and provides a better assessment on what their actual strengths are so that these may be used for them to be able to maximize their true potential.

Here are some of the key points for individuals that the MBTI  categorizes:

  • Energy. Introversion versus Extroversion
  • Information Gathering. Sensing versus Intuition
  • Decision Making. Thinking versus Feeling
  • Lifestyle. Judging versus Perceiving

As we can see, there are various personalities that need to be assessed and in most cases, the key towards being able to understand any individual lies on how people can be able to do the necessary adjustments for people to be able to work harmoniously and bring out the best capabilities that most people have to offer. While most people could care less and ignore such potential, the personalities that these people also have will truly become a hindrance in the entire organization, especially in the personality development of its key people holding critical departments for the better tomorrow of any organization.

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